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Dog Walking & Adventures


Please note: Due to these services being on a pick up and drop off basis, all dog walks are for clients who reside within the town of Steamboat Springs, CO. If you would like to participate in these dog walking services and live outside of city limits, please contact us at

Potty Party

Does your dog need a quick potty relief, lunch, or need mediations administered during your long workdays? Don't worry, Dogma's got you covered! The Potty Party is a 30 minute walk/bathroom break and/or whatever else your dog needs. Your dog or puppy will get to enjoy some sniffs, snuggles and treats too of course!
 $30 for 30 minutes


The sniffarri is a 1 hour walk around your neighborhood. During the hour, your dog or puppy will get to enjoy time outdoors stretching their legs, sniffing, and decompressing. Sniffarris are a great option for reactive/non dog social dogs. Our dog walker is well equipped to manage and handle all types of reactivity.

$40 for 1 hour

Adventure Time!

Adventure Time! Our dog adventure Time is a 3 hour hike. Adventure time dogs must be dog friendly and reliable off leash or are comfortable wearing a harness with a longline attached. This outing is an amazing program designed for people who work long hours, have high energy dogs or dogs that simply enjoy the beautiful outdoors! There are 4 spots available per outing.

$50 for 3 hour hike

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