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Invest in your dog's training today so you can enjoy A lifetime of adventures!


Initial Consult


An initial consult is great for anyone! It helps us get to know you and your dog better and understand what you both need to achieve progress. During that time, we will figure out a behavior plan for your pup's individual needs, assess what areas you want help with, and decide how many sessions you and your pup will need.

Payment Due at time of service


Individual Sessions

We believe individual training sessions are an investment in your dogs future and provide valuable one on one time with a trainer who's goal is to provide you with coaching relating to your dog's specific needs. This investment can consist of foundation skills, recall, confidence building, proper socialization skills, mild behavior modification and more!  

Payment Due at time of service


Dog Outings


Dog outings are great for any dog! These sessions are for your dog and the trainer only. You can relax at home while we work with your dog for the hour. After the 4th session, we will have a follow up session (5th session) which will include the trainer, dog and you! This session is to relay all necessary information to you as the handler. 


Payment Due at time of service


Puppy Day Train

Ever wanted to do a board and train but thought you'd might miss your puppy way to much?! This is the perfect solution for you. In this extensive puppy program you can choose from either 2 weeks with 8 hours of training or 4 weeks with 16 hours of training.

Payment Due at time of service


Big Feelings Program

Have a dog who has been struggling with reactivity or aggression? Don't stress anymore, we're here to help. Dogma has trainers who are certified and have experience working with all types of reactivity. Those outbursts of "big feelings" your dog is having may look scary and aggressive, but once you work with us, you'll realize the root of where your dog's reactivity comes from and how to ethically/humanely help them work through those emotions more calmly.

Includes: follow up 7th session, weekly homework post sessions, unlimited email help, and homework check-ins. 

Payment Due at time of service

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