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Leash Walking with Zoe!

7 month old Zoe is doing amazing so far! This was her first session working on her leash skills and confidence building. The video snippet is of Mikhaila teaching Zoe that walking with her (or in a heel) is super rewarding and can be fun for everyone! Of course Zoe is allowed to explore whenever and Mikhaila offers Zoe plenty of sniff breaks in between practicing heeling. By reinforcing Zoe whenever she is in a heel position our goal, along with the owner’s is that over time, she’ll realize all the good yummy stuff happens when she’s heeling, thus making her more willing and happy to heel on walks.




Zoe is also practicing building confidence in new environments. On those sessions, Zoe does a lot more sniffing, observing and of course a lot of check ins with Mikhaila. Zoe already has a great positive association with her name which helps Mikhaila redirect Zoe if/when needed.


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