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Meet the Dogma Canine Training Team-Cash! 

A little over 10 years ago, Cash came into my life after I found him as a stray. It was clear he had suffered serious trauma in the early parts of his life. He cowered constantly, urinated when we raised our voices, wouldn’t go through doorways, “army crawled” instead of walking... the list goes on. 

Over 10 years later, I enjoy having conversations about my “imperfect” dog and the journey we’ve been on to create the bond we have. Cash has his flaws, he gets over-aroused easily, he doesn’t always get along with other dogs, and he’s been in fights. But that’s ok, no person gets along with every human they meet, everyone gets in fights, plenty of people prefer to avoid social situations, and everyone has flaws. 

What matters is that Cash and I can “speak” to each other. I understand him at his core and know what he needs to be the best version of himself. I set him up for success as often as I can and have enjoyed watching him thrive and live his best life. 

I often think of the person who had him before me and wish that they could see him now. I wish they could see everything he has overcome, all of the adventures he’s been on in Steamboat, and how much joy he has found in life. #positivereinforcement #positivereinforcementdogtraining #steamboat #steamboatdogs #dogtraining #sciencebasedtraining

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