Meet the dogma canine training Team-Tuna!

Everyone meet my little wild hyena looking pup, Tuna! I, Monique, adopted Tuna in January of this year and boy it has been such an adventure! One of the main things I wanted to make sure about before I adopted Tuna, was that I could meet her needs as her dog mom and that she was a good fit for me and my lifestyle. I very quickly realized, and I think so did she, that we were meant to be in each other's lives.

Tuna is amazingly quirky, sweet, spunky, intelligent, sensitive, and probably the best teacher pup I could have imagined as a dog trainer. When I first adopted Tuna, I made it a point to take a step back on training her because I wanted to see who she was at her core without me as an influence. I wanted to understand her and more than anything, I wanted to build her trust. I tried my best to observe her as organically as I could for the first few months. We did a little training here and there to help strengthen our communication as a pair, and to work on safety skills, but I didn't want to mold her into something she was not.

While watching her over these last 10 months I've seen so much growth in her, but I mostly realized that Tuna is one of the most unique pups I've met! I think that's why I gravitated towards her at the shelter. Her spirit is so wild and slightly "untamable", which I adore. When I watch her explore the wilderness it's almost as if she belongs there, maybe she does, maybe we both do...

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