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Want to Trim your dog's nails?

Want to trim your dogs nails and have them happy/willing to do so?! Well start with target training. This 3 part video series of Tuna was her first time learning to target her paw to my hand. She didn’t even know shake, so this was all a first. The progress in these videos only took us 10 mins to get too! So 10 mins of my day was dedicated to teaching Tuna to happily give me her paw.

Tuna is willingly giving me her paw and learning to leave her paw in my hand for another treat. Eventually we practice touching the nail clippers to her paw, seen in third video.

Progress doesn’t have to take a long time and isn’t an excuse to use force with our dogs when they aren’t producing behaviors we don’t want or want. Dogs need choices in order to feel comfortable/confident. Every dog is capable of learning through force free/positive reinforcement style training, all it takes is a little patiences and practice.





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