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Private Training Packages

We recognize that group class settings are not conducive for everyone or every dog. Some dogs might have a difficult time in a group classor your schedule may not align. 

We believe private training sessions are an investment in your dogs future, and provide valuable one on one time with a CPDT-KA certified trainer who's goal is to provide you with ethical, humane, and science based training methods. Every package includes an initial consultation. Private training packages can include, but are not limited to: foundation skills, recall, generalizing/proofing cues, proper socialization skills and more.

This package is NOT for dogs with behavior concerns or reactivity.

If you think a group class would be a better fit for you and your dog, click here.

$125 Consultations

Consult only. 

$575/5 Sessions

Session 1= Consultation

Sessions 2-5 = Training Sessions

$1100/10 Sessions

Consultation is Free

Sessions 1-10 = Training Sessions


Virtual Follow Up Sessions

Have you already worked with one of Dogma's trainers, but need some quick help? If so, Dogma offers 30 min over the phone or virtual Q & A's! Get all your questions answered by certified professionals! Schedule a chat with us today!

*This service is for current or previous clients.

All refunds are at the discretion of Dogma Canine Training. We will not issue refunds for cancelations made within 24 hours of a session.

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