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Reactivity & Behavior Modification

Reactivity & Aggression Packages

What is reactivity? Reactivity is an emotional response to stimuli that your dog may find scary, stressful/anxious, and/or frustrating. If your dog is reactive they may show behaviors such as lunging, barking, growling, or whining when they see certain stimuli. What is aggression in dogs? Aggression is hostile behavior and/or specifically behavior that is intended to cause physical harm or injury. 

Does one of these sound like your dog? If yes, you might be in need of private training sessions to create a behavior modification plan. Our trainers are all certified through the CCPDT and are ready to help you get to the root of your dog's big feelings. A focus of this program is teaching you how to implement management and safety strategies. 

Reactivity and aggression can be a long journey, our smallest package reflects the minimum sessions needed to start seeing behavior change*.

*Behavior change is subjective to each individual dog/client.

$920/2 Week (8 Sessions)

Session 1= Consultation

Sessions 2-8 = Training Sessions

2 30 min Follow Up 

2 free Big Feeling Workshops

$1800/4 Week (16 Sessions)

Session 1= Consultation

Sessions 2-16 = Training Sessions

4 30 min Follow Up 

4 free Big Feeling Workshops

$4800/8 Week (32 Sessions)

Session 1= Consultation

Sessions 2-32 = Training Sessions

1 Year of Free Support & Free Workshops 

If both trainers are needed at a training session due to severe reactivity or aggression, an additional charge may apply.

All Refunds are at the discretion of Dogma Canine Training. 

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