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Join one of Dogma's Workshops Today!
Workshops are great for those who want continued training on popular topics but don't want to commit to a weekly group class.


Big Feelings Workshop

This Workshop is for dogs who have big feelings towards other dogs, people or other objects. Dogma uses the phrase "big feelings" to describe dogs who are either excited, anxious, nervous/unsure, fearful and/or any other emotions our dog's have when in the presence of certain triggers.

These workshops are for people and their dogs who have done at least one reactivity session or a Consultation with Dogma Canine Training.

Price | Day | Time | Location:

$20 | Saturday | 9-9:45am | 2730 Downhill Plaza Unit 108 Steamboat Springs, CO

Drop In Obedience Class

This is a drop in style class, so sign up for 1 or all of the classes depending on your availability throughout. These classes are for dogs 4 months and up. In these classes we will be teaching skills similar to our The Basics:1.0 Class. We will focus on teaching students foundation skills in positive reinforcement, fear & force free techniques, eye contact, sits/downs/stays/settle, hand targeting, recall and more! Since this is a drop in based course we will do our best to cater to all skill levels.

*Full vaccinations required.

Price | Day | Time | Location:

$50 | Saturday | 10-11am | 2730 Downhill Plaza Unit 108 Steamboat Springs, CO

All Refunds are at the discretion of Dogma Canine Training. We will not issue refunds for cancelations made within 24 Hours of class.

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