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Private Training

We believe private training sessions are an investment in your dogs future, and provide valuable one on one time with a CPDT-KA & FFCP certified trainer who's goal is to provide you with educated, humane, and modern science based training methods.


Do you have a reactive or aggressive dog? ​ Dogma specializes in reactivity and aggression. Through private training sessions, we are ready to help you get to the root of your dog's big feelings and create a behavior modification plan. Dogma will be using humane and force free styled training techniques and management to help modify behavior. Reactivity and aggression can be a long journey and behavior change is subjective to each individual dog/client. Pricing $125 Consultation/Pay As You Go $575 5 Sessions $1100 10 Sessions Includes 1 Free Follow Up

This program is for puppies 8-16 weeks. In this extensive puppy program you can choose from either 2 weeks with 8 hours of training or 4 weeks with 16 hours of training. This programs main focus is to help develop emotionally resilient puppies through proper socialization. Other areas of focus will be general obedience, potty training and other puppy problem areas. This program is for both the guardian and puppy. Dogma wants you to be involved in your puppy's educational journey as much as possible to help build a strong bond, communication and to help you feel confident with your handling skills. Pricing $760/2 Weeks $1440/4 Weeks

Are you in need of general obedience? Private training packages can include, but are not limited to: foundation skills, recall, generalizing/proofing cues, proper socialization skills, confidence building, enrichment and more. Pricing $125 Consultation/Pay As You Go $575 5 Sessions $1100 10 Sessions Includes 1 Free Follow Up

Virtual sessions are great for anyone, they offer live demonstrations, immediate feedback, homework, weekly check ins and one on one time with a CPDT-KA & FFCP trainer to help perfect your skills. Dogma offers 1 hour virtual sessions. This is great for previous clients or new clients with 1-2 behavior concerns. Virtual sessions will include emailed homework/other resources if applicable, and email/text support. For package deals, please email us. Pricing Approximately 1 hour/ $80

Do you have a couple friends and want to do a mini group lesson? Or maybe you are looking for a less expensive training option with more flexibility than group class?  Dogma offers semi private lessons for 2-3 people and 2-3 dogs. Semi privates will go over some core foundation skills and other skills catering to each students individual needs.  Price is per person. Pricing $340/4 Classes $480/6 Classes

Dogma offers court ordered behavior evaluations. These evaluations include an in person evaluation, written assessment and managment/training materials. Pricing $250

All refunds are at the discretion of Dogma Canine Training. We will not issue refunds for cancelations made within 24 hours of a session. Payment is due at time of service.

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