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Dog Training & Behavior Consulting

Dogma Canine Training is a dog training and behavior consulting company located in Steamboat Springs, CO. Dogma has the only certified trainer in Steamboat Springs/Routt County who is certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and Fear Free Pets.

Dogma offers private sessions, group classes, workshops, virtual sessions, free adventures and more! Dogma reaches Steamboat Springs, CO and surrounding areas in person and online worldwide.

Dogma is equipped to work with, but not limited to: reactivity, aggression, confidence building for fearful dogs, puppy socialization, general-advanced obedience, cooperative care and more. We work with dogs of all ages and breeds who come from all different backgrounds.

Why Positive Reinforcement & Fear Free?


Simple, because learning with minimal stress and successful repetitions is more enjoyable, productive and has longer lasting results than punishment or intimidation techniques. Dogs are opportunistic animals and will do what is most reinforcing for them in the moment, which is why they need you to be their guardian/teacher to help them better navigate the world. By using +R/FF training methods, you and you're dog will build a stronger and more communicative relationship. +R/FF techniques take time, patience, good handling skills and problem solving abilities to be successful.

Have you tried these methods before without much success? Dogma is happy to help you problem solve!

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